Let Lutke Dental Help You with Your Dental Insurance and Billing Information

Whether you’re new in town and looking for a family and general dental clinic in Plano or your insurance coverage has changed which has resulted in your need for a dentist, you’ll find that the staff at Lutke Dental are always happy to answer any billing or insurance-related question you may have.

Our Promise to You: You’ll Have an Estimated Treatment Cost Ahead of Time

Even though there are countless insurance companies that provide dental benefits in Plano, TX, Lutke Dental’s promise to you is that we will do everything within our power to best estimate your out-of-pocket dental cost.

Lutke Dental is a preferred provider for most dental insurance providers in Plano, Texas, but we also know that navigating the insurance system can be difficult. That’s why our staff work will work thoroughly with every patient to make sure the payment for their dental care is handled in the most patient-beneficial way possible.

Whether it’s prior to your appointment or during your appointment, our staff are equipped to do everything possible to estimate the financial portion of your treatment before any dental diagnostics or treatment begins.

And because our patient’s oral health is the most important thing to us, the experienced and board-certified staff at Lutke Dental remain committed to only recommending treatments that are necessary to maintaining or improving your smile.

Wondering About Your Coverage? Here’s What You Can Ask Your Provider

A lot of people like to leave everything to the billing and insurance clerks when it comes to understanding their dental insurance. But Lutke Dental knows there are many others who want to know for themselves what types of coverage their insurance provides. For that reason, the following are a few questions you can ask your dental insurance provider before calling us at:

  • What type of annual plan do I have – annual or otherwise?
  • Is there a maximum annual benefits cap on my plan for myself and/or my family?
  • Is there a limit on how often I can have a dental exam, dental cleaning, or x-rays each year?
  • I just want to have a dental exam and my teeth cleaned…. what percentage will I have to pay?
  • I think I want a smile makeover in Plano, TX… what percentage will I have to pay?
  • How does my deductible work if I only need a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning in Plano, TX?
Don’t Have Insurance? Lutke Dental Offers Dental Payment Plans in Plano, TX

As mentioned, Lutke Dental to committed to providing the best possible oral health care to every patient we meet. Whether you have dental insurance or not, we invite you to contact our office to learn about our dental payment plans and financing options. We accept all PPO insurances.

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