Reasons Why Cosmetic Dentistry Would Be the Right for You

Posted by Lutke Dental 2021-03-01

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Many people have already been familiarized with the idea of seeing a dentist for dental work on their teeth. Most of the work done by a dentist near you is functional dental work. You have cavities, your dentist performs a root canal, or if you have gum problems, you are given corrective treatments for the same.

For such people who go to dentists, cosmetic dentistry in Plano might seem like a wholly foreign concept to them. Nevertheless, cosmetic dentistry is among the most common forms of dentistry we have today. Common people are more frequently than ever getting cosmetic dentistry treatments today than ever.

Most people take cosmetic dentistry options because they realize the serious benefits it has to offer, health-wise and social wise. Below are some of the signs you need to see a Luke Dental cosmetic dentist.

4 Signs to See a Cosmetic Dentist

If You are Embarrassed to Smile or Socialize

Most people with crooked teeth, misshapen or discoloured teeth might feel so self-conscious when socializing with friends and peers at work. The result of this is that you become lonely and might feel depressed.

A cosmetic dentist will help you with various dental problems to correct your defects and make you feel more confident afterwards. There are multiple teeth whitening treatments and dental veneers, clear aligners, and other options that can help you live a joyful life.

If you have digestive issues

Having a full set of teeth enables you to chew food properly. If you are missing some teeth or have severe teeth misalignments, it can cause improper food chewing, which results in digestive issues like ulcers and acid reflux.

Luckily, with treatments like tooth aligners, implants and more, your cosmetic dentist can fix all these teeth problems. Once your teeth are correctly set, you will adequately chew food and produce the right amount of saliva with the proper enzymes to promote digestion.

If the shape of your face has changed

Missing several teeth has a shrinking effect on the remaining teeth that even affects the jawbone. At times, bone loss can occur due to an underlying tooth infection. This can consequently change the shape of your face, making you look older.

If you notice any change in your face’s contour for such reasons, then it’s time to see a cosmetic dentist. Do not ignore them; a cosmetic dentist can fix most problems using an assortment of treatment options.

If you have chronic headaches and jaw pressure

With crooked and misaligned teeth, you may have some terrible pain in the jaw or head. Misaligned teeth also increase the risk of having temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and severe headaches that dissipate pain into the nearby bones, jaw muscles, head and even shoulders.

With cosmetic dental procedures such as dental Botox and clear braces, you can quickly eliminate such problems.

Importance of Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are looking for a reason to check into a dental office near you for a cosmetic dentistry treatment, here you have it:

Better Oral Hygiene

With better and more beautiful smiles comes better dental care. If you have a beautiful smile, chances are that you will take better care of it. Just like you take care of your new clothes or gadgets, the same is the case with a new and elegant set of teeth.

If you invested your time and money to achieve a beautiful smile, you will probably spend more flossing and brushing time. This eventually prevents gum disease and other oral issues.

Personal Validation

We can all admit that nothing is as important as how you feel about your smile. Whether you are up for a new job, snugging a new date, or just making a public appearance, we can agree that a beautiful smile can come in handy.

With misshapen, crooked or discoloured teeth, you might feel embarrassed. This is where the cosmetic dentistry in Plano comes in, to revamp your smile with many tooth replacement and corrective options making your smile brighter and more loveable.

Healthier Smiles

If you didn’t know, crooked and misaligned teeth increase the chances of tooth decay and dental damages. Brushing and flossing crooked or overcrowded teeth is also not an easy fit. Likewise, you will often have irregular bites that increase pressure on the jaw and lead to bone or teeth fractures.

Cosmetic dentistry options like implants, tooth aligners, and veneers can help reshape your dental formula for a healthier yet more beautiful smile. You reduce a myriad of dental problems in the process.

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