Exploring the Differences between General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted by Lutke Dental 2020-10-01

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While trying to explore the field of dentistry, it may seem like the different specialties are similar, but not to dentists in Plano, TX. The reason is that they are codependent, with many of them intertwining to realize successful results. It is the role of dentists near you to employ any viable treatments from different specialties to offer patients the best oral care.

When it comes to general and cosmetic dentistry, there is an underlying commonality that they are both crucial specialties in the oral health care sector. The question, however, is how the two are different from each other.

What Is General Dentistry?

It is a specialty in dental health that caters to all the general needs of patients. Any dental issues you may have are first diagnosed in general dentistry. It is also primary for preventive dental health, helping patients maintain healthy oral cavities at all times.

An underlying fact about general dentistry near you is that it is primarily concerned with caring for your oral cavity. Therefore, any means necessary to ensure your mouth is at its best is employed. This is why dental procedures like tooth extractions, root canals, deep cleanings, among others, are offered in general dentistry. Aside from that, early detection of dental problems is prioritized in general dentistry. During routine dental exams, your dentist can easily pinpoint any oral issues you may have and resolve for the most relevant treatment for you.

Another truth about general dentistry is that most of the treatments offered thereof are meant to treat the root cause of the problem. The idea is to treat the underlying problem so that you do not have any future problems in your oral cavity. It is also the reason why general dentists will quickly refer you to a different specialty in dentistry for any complex oral problems. This may be noted with oral problems like periodontitis or other orthodontic problems.

For general dentistry, emphasis also comes up in regular dental maintenance, to ensure that you keep up with excellent oral health at all times. The same can hardly be said about cosmetic dentistry.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is a specialty in dental health concerned with the alterations and modifications of different parts of the oral cavity to improve their appearances. Ideally, cosmetic dentistry near you focuses mostly on the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. Any treatments offered thereof, will help improve the appearance of your smile as the primary goal.

One major difference you will notice with cosmetic dentistry in Plano is that the cosmetic need overrides other needs. Typically, all patients that come in to see a cosmetic dentist in Plano intend to leave with a better-looking smile. In that case, procedures are focused on improving the color, shape, length, and sizes of teeth. It is why some common procedures in cosmetic dentistry range from whitening teeth, closing gaps between teeth, to mention a few.

Another remarkable difference is that cosmetic dentistry will employ some oral appliances that are more oriented to mask the flaws on your teeth as opposed to meddling with the functional aspects of your teeth. Ideally, instead of orthodontics, cosmetic dentists often use dental veneers and dental bonding to close gaps between teeth. In the same breath, dental veneers will be more preferable than dental crowns.

For any regular dental visits, the attending cosmetic dentist will largely be interested in how well your previous treatment went. It is also an opportunity to check the condition of your oral appliances and whether they continue to serve the purpose of boosting the appearance of your smile.

Which of the Two Is Better?

When it comes to dentistry, all the different specialties exist for a reason. There is no point in choosing which specialty outdoes the other one. The truth is, at any given point in your life, your priorities and needs will change. When they do, the services you require from a dentist will also change. Besides, the different specialties are more often than not codependent, to offer patients the best experience.

A crucial fact to note is that dental experts working in different specialties are all experienced and vastly trained in matters of dental health. The only difference is what they prioritize, based on your needs and preferences. In the end, what matters is that

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