Common Dental Anxieties and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Lutke Dental 2019-09-01

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Are you one of those who are scared to see the dentist? What are your general emotions when you think about a dental appointment? Do you feel weird when walking through the reception room of the dental clinic? If the thought of seeing the dentist scares you, you are suffering from dental anxiety, and you are not alone. A significant population suffers from dental anxiety, and they even choose to suffer in pain instead of seeing the dentist near you for getting any kind of dental treatment.

Every dental professional strives to make their patients feel calm and comfortable during the appointment. When you are comfortable, it makes the procedures go smoother for both you and the dentist. We have analyzed what makes patients feel anxious, and here are some common reasons that arose.

Fear of Pain

One of the main reasons why people feel anxious during dental procedures is because they always assume that it is going to be painful. If the fear of pain is what is making you anxious, you must share it with your dentist as they will administer anesthesia, so that you get the treatment done comfortably. For people who are afraid of needles, the laughing gas and oral sedation pills work the best. All you need is a companion who can drive you back home from the dental clinic.

Past Memories

This is yet another common reason shared by patients for avoiding dental procedures and appointments. These people have visited the dentist in the past for a dental procedure, which has caused them pain or discomfort. The memory of that experience makes them afraid and apprehensive of seeing the dentist ever again. There can be other reasons as well apart from pain and discomfort such as the dentist being rude, the hygienist being annoying, the clinic over billing for the procedure, not liking the environment of the clinic or its staff, and so much more. For those who have experienced any of these situations, it is unfortunate and sad. However, these incidents should not make you feel anxious about future visits.

Not all dentists and clinics are the same. In case you are skeptical, it is better to discuss your concerns with the dental staff along with sharing your experience. It may take some time, but you will certainly find a clinic that meets your needs.

Feeling Helpless

Many people are bothered by the thought of sitting in a dental chair and losing control of what is happening to them. The idea of sitting in a dental chair and not being able to do anything makes them feel vulnerable and scared. In some patients, it can evoke the feeling of claustrophobia. You can ask the dentist in advance to give you breaks so that you can relax and stretch yourself.

Conscious of Oral Condition

People who haven’t got a dental cleaning done in a while or the ones suffering from tooth decay or gum disease may feel embarrassed by what the dentist will think about their dental condition. However, you must not forget that the dentist is there to help you get rid of the dental issues and not judge you. Your dental condition is the reason why you are seeing him. So, you must let go off the fear of judgment and see the dentist without any worries.

Fear of Expensive Treatment

We all know that dentistry has evolved over the period of time, and today, we have several techniques and types of machinery which can make the treatment easier. However, such treatments can be expensive, as well. Worrying about the cost can also make you anxious. It is better to see your dentist at regular intervals for cleaning and examination so that you can maintain good oral health and prevent dental issues. This will prevent the need for going through expensive dental treatments. Also, most of the dental clinics have comfortable financial arrangements for payments. You can check the finance schemes offered by the dental clinic before you opt for the treatment.

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