All You Should Know about Partials and Full Dentures

Posted by Lutke Dental 2021-08-01

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Do you have more than one tooth missing? Tooth loss is a common problem in dentistry, affecting many children and adults alike. While it is possible to lead the rest of your life without one or two of your teeth, the story changes when you have multiple missing teeth in a row. Such an oral problem can make it difficult for you to perform various dental activities like chewing or even speaking properly. Besides, even smiling or laughing can be problematic because of low self-confidence. It is why you need restorative and cosmetic dentistry to help replace several of your lost teeth. With solutions like dentures, you have a reliable means for replacing your last teeth without undermining your aesthetic needs.

What Are Dentures?

They are oral appliances that feature artificial teeth and a gum-like base that is used to replace missing teeth. Dentures in Plano have been used on multiple occasions for patients with multiple missing teeth, whether toothless or with a few natural teeth remaining. When a dentist in 75093 recommends getting dentures, it is because he or she considers this as the best alternative for replacing your lost teeth. Dentures are used as alternatives to other tooth replacement options like dental implants and dental bridges. The unique feature about dentures is that they can be used to replace many missing teeth in a row.

Different Types of Dentures Used in Dentistry

Your dentist in Plano will use different types of dentures based on the oral needs you have, as well as your preferences. The types are categorized differently, based on the coverage they offer, as well as how they are made. In that sense, the types of Dentures include the following:

Full or complete dentures – As suggested by their name, these types of dentures fully cover your oral cavity. Ideally, for you to get them, you would need to have all your teeth missing. This is why full dentures are termed the most popular tooth replacement oral devices since they have been used severally to replace lost teeth for elderlies who become toothless because of aging. However, even younger patients can get dentures in cosmetic dentistry near them if they have lost all their teeth. In essence, your dentist would have to remove your remaining natural teeth for you to get complete dentures.

Partial dentures – These are different from complete dentures in that they cover part of your mouth instead of your entire oral cavity. Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures allow you to retain your natural teeth. In that case, you would require that your dentist selects partial dentures that closely match the color of your natural teeth. For such reasons, ensure you get your partial dentures in cosmetic dentistry in Plano, as the cosmetic dentists there will cater to the aesthetic needs of your mouth.

Immediate dentures – These are the types of dentures that are already pre-made and readily available for patients. They are easy to access, with many patients getting them without necessarily visiting a dentist. The biggest advantage of immediate dentures is that they give you a replacement solution quickly so that you do not have to go a single day without teeth.

Custom-made dentures – They are the opposite of immediate dentures, through the fact that they are only made in a dental laboratory by dental experts. Ideally, your dentist would have to examine your mouth, take impressions, then use them as measurements to create the perfect fitting dentures. In that regard, custom-made dentures fit perfectly without causing any bruising or soreness around your gum line because of friction. While you may have to go a few days without teeth, you can be sure that you will get dentures that fit your mouth perfectly.

Implant-supported dentures – They can either be partial or full dentures. However, the only difference is that they feature dental implants in the installation procedure. Your dentist will have to perform an implantation procedure before giving you dentures. The implants will be installed in your mouth strategically, depending on the type of denture you will be receiving, whether partials or complete dentures.

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