3 Reasons You May Need Crown Lengthening

Posted by Lutke Dental 2019-10-16

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Many people don’t know properly about the procedure known as crown lengthening. You might be suffering from several common tooth and gum ailments which show that you are a candidate of crown lengthening. There are 3 common reasons due to which you require crown lengthening.

What Is Crown Lengthening

People who have deep cavities or have had some kind of injury to their teeth need crown lengthening.

The dentist will remove part of the gum to expose more below the tooth. This is done with the use of small incisions around the tooth to excess gum tissue. The gum tissue will stay permanently in the new position with a minor reshaping of the bone under the gum. Crown lengthening can be done on one or more teeth at the same time.

For completion of this procedure, 60-90 minutes are required and local anesthesia is given.

3 Reasons Why Patients Get Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a very simple procedure. There are several important reasons why it is needed.

Repair teeth

If you have damage below the gum line due to gum disease or injury, crown lengthening is used to repair the damage and a crown is attached on top.

Gummy smiles

Many patients suffer from gummy smile where gums cover too much of the teeth. Get a bigger, brighter and confident smile with a crown lengthening.

Actual crowns

Many patients complain of not having enough teeth on top of the gum that allows proper fitting of a crown. Placing of a dental crown can damage the gums or cause inflammation and discomfort. Get crown lengthening for proper fit of the new crown over the tooth.

Crown lengthening does not require any post-operative care and slight pain can be managed with a prescribed pain killer. You can return to work and eat soft food the day after surgery. It takes one or two weeks for the full recovery of gum tissue. This is a simple procedure that lasts long and ensures a healthy crown restoration.

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