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Our Plano Comprehensive Dental Practice

Lutke Dental is here to provide everything you need for the smile you’ve always wanted. Our treatments range from services for the whole family, to comprehensive cosmetic restorations that create flawless aesthetics and greatly improve patient confidence. Our Plano, TX dentist, Dr. Greg Lutke, and his team are here when you need us.

Complete Smile Makeovers at Lutke Dental

What does your smile need to look bright, healthy, and beautiful? Whether simple teeth bleaching can help you achieve a more pleasing smile, or you are in need of restorations to correct decay and create a brighter aesthetic, our cosmetic dental service meet your expectations.  Dr. Lutke provides full cosmetic smile makeover to fix problems that can prevent patients from smiling with confidence, including porcelain veneers, clear braces, and tooth-colored prosthetics.  Our smile rehabilitation services are ideal for adult patients who have experienced deeply stained or dark teeth, teeth that have been ground-down, or misaligned and crooked teeth.

Patients who are interested in extensive, cosmetic-focused treatment plans can complement your procedures with in-office, oral conscious sedation. With sedation, Dr. Lutke can accomplish more treatments in one visit, and patients will have no memory of their time spent in-office, except for feelings of calm and relaxation.

Advanced Technology and a Welcoming Environment

Dr. Lutke makes sure that patients have access to the best that dentistry have to offer when they visit his Plano, TX dental office. This includes offering mess-free digital impressions for more comfortable treatment planning, digital X-rays to create clearer pictures, and other digital dental services that create more precise care and positive patient experience.

We’ve also taken care to ensure that when you visit our office, you feel welcomed and relaxed. Our office space is personal, not overly large and clinical. Patients can enjoy the natural light streaming in through our large, office-wide windows and enjoy to streaming music with headphone at their visit. At Lutke Dental, the quality of your experience is essential.

Learn More about our Office

We welcome new and existing patients to learn more about what our office has to offer to help rejuvenate and repair your smile, and allow you to benefit from better oral health into the future. Contact Lutke Dental of Plano, TX today for your treatment consultation or to speak to a member of our team.